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a quiet welcome.
Welcome to Ellipsis! Here you will find my writing work. Some of these are incredibly old, so don't be too quick to judge. If you would like to submit any comments or constructive criticism, feel free to send an e-mail. You can also visit my writing journal here.

6 July 2010 - Aaaaaand we're back in business! Posted "City Love" and "Live, Love, Dream" to the Yu-Gi-Oh! section, along with my newest foray into the DC Comics fandom, "Hearth and Home."

31 October 2008 - "Defeat" and revised chapter of "Fly With Me" uploaded to Yu-Gi-Oh! section. "Someone to Care About" uploaded to Cars section. Digimon page added; "Wallace's Eyes" uploaded.

7 October 2006 - Miscellaneous writings uploaded.

14 August 2006 - CATCF, HP, POTC, TSL, YGO fanfiction all uploaded.

8 August 2006 - Site layout finished. Splash, Main, Read, About pages finished. Cars fanfiction uploaded.

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